Monday, July 14, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #100 - Livestream

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast - Episode #100
Live Show Video Footage Is Available

On July 13th, The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast celebrated the milestone Episode #100 with a live show on Twitch TV.  The live show recording is now available on iTunes & Stitcher Radio in the normal audio formats, but the recording of the actual live streaming footage is also available on YouTube here:  EGP #100 Live Show Recording or in the embedded window below.

We had a lot of fun recording the show live and hanging out in the chat interacting with listeners.  I performed an Electronic Education segment live, but the recording cut out about 25 minutes into the mix.  So you can hear the beginning of the house music set in the video, but those listeners who stayed in the chat got to enjoy the entire full hour after party.  Thanks to those of you stayed for the entire experience.  No one else will be able to hear what you guys and gals got to hear or see all the dancing Nonmail was doing grooving to the tunes.  Hell, this episode Ungnome does a special stand-up comedy bit too!

Congrats to Dilvish Damned who won a copy of Fluxx and congrats to Winget who won a copy of Lunch Money.  Happy to give away a couple of my favorite tabletop card games.  Enjoy guys!

Episode 100 Show Notes, Discussion Topics, & Links:

Enjoy the show!

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