Monday, December 10, 2012

Best & Worst Auction Markets In MoP So Far

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Best And Worst Auction House Markets

For the current blogging carnival I asked the writers to discuss their best and worst auction house markets thus far into the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  The auction house is a living beast that is continually evolving and changing with the addition or deletion of new or old auctioneers.  This expansion has to be the most hectic for me from a competition standpoint.  When coupled with less play time, I found myself leaning more towards the easier to maintain markets with high profits per item sold.  I also tend to prefer markets that are more easily watched on the Remote Auction House due to my limited playtime this expansion. 

These days I prefer to work in markets that are:
  1. Low Competition
  2. High Profit Per Sale
  3. Easily Maintained (Few Cancel / Repost Cycles)
  4. Steady Sales
  5. Remote Auction House Friendly
My Best Market

With these criteria, the absolute best market of mine so far in Mists of Pandaria without a doubt is the Tinker's Gear Cogwheel Market!  The addition of the Ghost Iron Dragonling Trinket and the new Tinker's Gear cogwheels has been a heaven send for my style of gold making.  I can turn a lowly 2 Ghost Iron Bars into 350-450 gold over and over and over with only 1-2 other Engineers posting as competition.  The Ghost Iron Dragonling Trinket is a joke to compete in because of all of the leveling idiots that place next to no value on the trinkets because they craft them while leveling. 

Suprisingly, very few other Engineers are even playing in the Cogwheel markets, which is very shocking given the amazingly high profit per sale.  And the sales continue to roll in because the Trinket is just too nice to pass up at the stupid low prices that players on my server sell it for.  So I let the other fools sell their Ghost Iron Trinkets for next to no profit, while I make a killing off of the Cogwheel Gems they also require for the same Trinket.  Turning 16 Ghost Iron Bars into 2-3K gold on a daily basis is super easy auctioneering!

My Worst Market

The Kobold Invasion is alive and kicking and it seems like every dirty little moronic Kobold is on my server and playing the "I'll undercut you to nothing all day long" game within the now hated Glyph market.  When it comes to Glyphs, I still have about 99% of the Glyphs that I had pre-crafted for the MoP Glyph rush that never happened.  Sure I can list 1000 Glyphs and sell 1 or 2 overnight if I get lucky, but the entire Glyph market is absolute garbage at this point.  It's just not worth any effort at all to buy herbs, mill them, convert them to inks, craft Glyphs, and then pulling 99.9% of them back out of the mail every fucking day.  Just collecting and reposting expired auction mail takes almost an hour for glyphs alone.  No thanks. 

I'm hating Glyphs so bad these days that I'm actually thinking of letting the 2000 or so I already have crafted rot in the mailbox until they get deleted.  Good Riddance!  These dumbass Kobolds can work their fingers raw milling and crafting to sell for less than a gold profit per Glyph, if they even get a profit.  Because at sale prices of 2 gold for a crafted Glyph, I know they aren't making any profit at all, yet they keep on selling and driving properly priced Glyphs into the ground. 

Goodbye Glyph Market!  It's been a great run, but you are no longer profitable and no longer fun either.  Enjoy your new Kobold masters.

How about you guys?  What are your best and worst auction house markets this far into MoP?


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  1. Man, I thought my server was the only one where the glyph market crashed, burned, was then nuked, and run over with a bulldozer.

    In Cata I went from 500g to 215k gold in two+ months doing nothing but posting glyph after glyph after glyph. In MoP I'm lucky to sell three a week, much less 1-2 a day...

    But I did power-level an engineer right before MoP so I'll take a look at the cog market. If no one is posting there, I have some gold, I start crafting those things.

    Question: Are you crafting the trinket as well (no, not suggesting putting the cogs in the trinket, just the raw trinket)?

    1. I don't waste my time with the trinkets because the levelers tend to flood the market with stupid low priced ones and there are too many to buy out and reset the market.

    2. Duh..... I mean, Yeah, I thought that was the case, um..............

      Thanks for the advice!

  2. The cog market has been great to me so far. It seems that I'm only competing against one other person on my server. They seem to sell well at 400-500g each, but once in awhile someone comes along and posts them well below what they're selling at - sometimes as low as 20g. Even with that being 5-10x the cost of making one, I grab them and relist :P

    Glyphs have been doing well for me as well, surprisingly enough. I sell only a handful a day, but I average 300g a glyph.


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