Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthday #3 Coming Soon | CGF Birthday Giveaways!

Another Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Celebration

Cold's Birthday Contests
Happy Birthday Celebration

On December 22nd, Cold's Gold Factory will turn 3 years old.  So it's time for another major giveaway to celebrate the 3 years of World of Warcraft blogging and the many more to come.  Looking back over the years it's been one hell of a ride.  I've had my ups and downs, good times and bad, but overall starting the blog was one of the best things I've ever done.  I've met a lot of really great and really cool people through the blog, the podcasts, and twitter.  This month, I give back to all my readers with another great giveaway.

The Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Giveaways!

Basic Rules
  • Entries End at Midnight Eastern Time on New Years Eve, - Dec 31st, 2012.
  • Winners will be listed in a post on Wednesday, January 2nd.
  • All Winners will be randomly selected from the various categories.
  • Yes, you can enter and win in multiple categories.
Categories & Prizes
  • CGF Newsletter Subscribers
    • Nightsaber Cub WoW TCG Loot Card (US & EU Eligible)
  • Twitter Followers
    • Bloat the Bubblefish (Purple Puffer) WoW TCG Loot Card (US & EU)
  • Facebook Fans
    • Viscious Grell / Gregarious Grell WoW TCG Loot Card (US & EU)
  • People Who Share This Post
    • Celestial Steed Mount Code (Prize 1) (US only)
    • Lil' K.T. Pet Code (Prize 2 - Two Winners) (US only)
  • Grand Prize
    • $25 Gift Card To Amazon.com & an El Pollo Grande (Magic Rooster) in Game Mount. (If Winner is On a US Server)
    • You will have to come make a character on my server and get him to level 20 to learn the mount (because it's the in-game version), but hell its a $150 mount for free.  Once you learn it, you have access on all your characters thanks to account wide mounts.
    • OR
    • $25 UK/EU Equivalent Gift Card To Amazon.com & an Amani Dragonhawk in Game Mount.  (If Winner is On a EU Server)
    • You will have to make a character on my server and get him to level 60 to learn it, since its a flying mount.  Make a Deathknight and get him 5 more levels and the flying mount is yours on all your characters.
Magical Rooster Mount
Magical Rooster Mount - "El Pollo Grande"

Amani Dragonhawk WoW TCG Loot
Amani Dragonhawk WoW TCG Mount

How To Enter Each Individual Giveaway
  • CGF Newsletter Subscribers
    • Simply join the Cold's Gold Factory Newsletter.  You can sign up via the contact for on the right side of the blog or through the popup when entering the site.
  • Twitter Followers
    • Follow my account on Twitter, @SSmith0911
  • Facebook Fans of CGF
    • Like the CGF Facebook Page.  The link is in the Top Right column.
  • People Who Share This Post
    • Sharing this Birthday Giveaway Post earns you an entry.  You can get multiple entries for sharing across multiple sites.  When sharing use hashtag #CGFGiveaway so I can track your shares.  You can get an entry for each share, so share on all 5 and get 5 entries.
    • Eligible sites to share to for an extra entry include:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Google Plus
      • Pintrest
      • StumbleUpon
  • Grand Prize
    • Every entry in the other categories earns you a Grand Prize entry also.
    • Earn an additional entry by finding your favorite post here at Cold's Gold Factory and sharing the link to it on any of the above sites with the hashtags #CGFGiveaway and #MyFavPost
So there are free WoW TCG Pet Codes, Blizzard Pet and Mount Store Codes, A Magical Rooster Mount and a $25 Gift Card all your's for the taking.  All you have to do is get started sharing this post and your favorite blog post here at Cold's Gold Factory.

NOTE:  Anybody already following me on Twitter, already subscribed to the newsletter, or who has already liked the Facebook page is already entered to win in those categories.

Good luck!



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  3. Hey I just want to say I entered all the possible entries and maximized my potential for the grand prize by sharing the hashtag #CGFGiveaway on all 5 websites you listed and I even made a reddit post about it. Im on a US server so I'm going for the rooster. Keep up the great work!



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