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Top 10 Craziest Amazon Affiliate Sales From 2012 - Gifts For Gamers Special Year End Edition

Gifts for Gamers Special Edition
My Craziest Amazon Affiliate Sales From 2012

This week on Gifts For Gamers, we take a look into the Amazon Affiliate Sales from throughout the entire year.  I've pulled out a handful of some of the oddest and craziest things that I've sold online through my Amazon Affiliate links.  I've sold items through my blogs, mainly here at Cold's Gold Factory, but also through creating sales lenses on Squidoo.  Let's take a look back through some of the oddities that I've sold via Amazon links that have made me snicker, ponder, or wonder throughout the 2012 year.

Thank you to everyone that has purchased items through my Amazon Affiliate Links through the year!  Entering Amazon via one of my links, helps to keep sites like this providing content and ideas free of charge.

PS:  As an Amazon Affiliate, I can only see what items I've sold via my Amazon Links and I cannot see who has bought what, so your purchases will always remain anonymous to even me.

Crazy & Odd Amazon Sales From 2012

  1. Mountain Men's 10 Kitten T-Shirt - We've had a lot of laughs on The Eviscerated Podcast and Twitter lately, all over this Men's shirt that someone bought.  10 Kittens, 4 Butterflies, Lavender Tie Dye - What more could a man want on a shirt? ROFL This shirt has been selling so well, I've created an entire guide to crazy and cuddly cat & kitten tees.
  2. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitzer - Everyone could benefit from keeping some hand sanitizer in their purse or car, but be sure to share it, especially if the recipient may have just been naughty.  Goes well with Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Liquid Hand Soap!
  3. Pension & Employee Benefit Law, 5th Edition - Amazon sells textbooks for much cheaper than your local university bookstore, but I still choked when I saw the price of this Law book!  Amazon offers up to 30% off new textbooks, 70% off textbook rentals, and 90% off used textbooks.  They even offer bonuses for selling your books back to Amazon.  Students can find out more on the textbook program by visiting the Amazon Textbook Store.
  4. Ear Plugs with Vintage Cats In A Carriage Picture - I never would imagined this picture being on these 3/4" gauge ear plugs, but who doesn't like cats?
  5. Westminster Butt Face Towel - Never dry your face with the wrong end ever again, with this towel designating areas for both ends.  What good is this towel without the matching 2 Sided Butt / Face Bar of Soap though?
  6. Fred Bones Chillers Ice Cube Tray - When regular ice just won't do, you can always have your ice shaped like Skull & Crossbones.  Maybe the buyer was having a pirate themed party!
  7. Men's 54" Bacon Meat Tie - Everyone enjoys crazy neck ties, but how awesome is this 54" tie that looks like raw bacon strips?  Bacon = Happiness.
  8. Anti-Monkey Butt Sweat Absorber & Friction Fighting Powder - I'm not sure who bought this, bought if you listen to Auction House Junkies, then you probably know of one guy who can benefit from this stuff!  Scratch-scratch-scratch!
  9. Black and Decker NSW18 Cordless Sweeper & Black and Decker NST2118 Electric GrassHog Trimmer - These are 2 of the last things I would have expected to have sold on a gaming blog!
  10. Intro To S&M Kit: Furry Metal Handcuffs, Satin Blindfold, Black Whip - Someone's being naughty!  With the mainstream success of the Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy, it's no suprise to see my readers dabbling into the world of kink.  The Adult Toys Store at Amazon is definately a cheaper place to find sexual enhancers, as opposed to buying in the brick and mortar stores.
One thing to take from these crazy purchases is that as an Amazon Affiliate, you get credit for everything that is purchased after someone enters the Amazon site via an affiliate link.  You get credit on everything purchased, not just the items that you directly promote and link to.  It's fun to see what items end up being purchased via direct links (like in my Gifts For Gamers articles) and what items end up being added to the cart in the same purchase.  You really never know what you are going to end up selling!

I hope you enjoyed this Special Edition of Gifts For Gamers.  I will be back to promoting direct gaming related products, games, and clothing in next weeks article.  Until then:

Happy New Year!


Happy Shopping!


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