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Reign of Fire God Packs: How Cheaters Prosper & You Lose Out


WoW TCG Reign of Fire God Packs:

How Cheaters Prosper & You Lose Out

The newest WoW Trading Card Game Expansion: Reign of Fire is a huge hit already and has many World of Warcraft players gambling for their chances at the WoW loot card lotto.  Many of the purchasers of the Reign of Fire Booster Packs and Reign of Fire Booster Pack Boxes aren't even players of the WoW TCG.  Since this newest WoW TCG expansion re-issues every single WoW loot card ever previously released, you can see why these new booster packs are so popular and are flying off the shelves everywhere!

Yeah, you read that right.  Every single Vanity Item Card, Mount Loot Card, and Pet Loot Card has a chance to be found in the new Reign of Fire Booster Packs.

Not only can you pull the old loot, but the drop rates have been increased and you also have a chance at the new Reign of Fire God Packs.

Reign of Fire God Packs

A Reign of Fire God Pack is a super rare booster pack that is composed of an entire pack of loot cards!  Yup, you read that right too.  In a Reign of Fire God Pack, every single card in the pack is a loot code, so that means you would get 15 loot cards in one single pack.  Better yet, these God Packs aren't going to follow the same rarity distribution and will be composed of primarily rare loot cards!

So obviously you are going to hope and pray for ones of these super rare God Packs, but unfortunately you don't have a fair chance of pulling a God Pack unless you purchase a sealed box of Reign of Fire booster packs.  Here's why:

Cherry Picking Cheaters

Throughout every trading card game ever created there have been people who try to cheat the system and figure out which packs contain foil cards, loot cards, and special God Packs prior to purchasing any boosters packs.  The WoW TCG is no different and the addition of the God Packs in the Reign of Fire expansion makes it even more of a target for cherry picking cheaters.

"Cherry Picking" is the process of picking out the best packs of any given booster box for yourself, as opposed to just buying packs and hoping to open a good pack.  How is that even possible?

Well, loot cards have a slight weight difference (as slightly heavier) because the loot cards have extra adhesive and the scratch-able strip that covers the loot code itself.  Loot cards also tend to be on slightly thicker and stiffer card stock, which also adds to the slight weight difference.  So it is possible to open a sealed booster box and weigh each pack individually, find the 2-4 packs within that booster box that are slightly heavier, and successfully cherry pick the loot card packs right out of the box.  This is possible with the minute weight difference on the booster packs that contain a single loot card.  Now think about a Reign of Fire God Pack that is all 15 loot cards.  The weight difference is going to be much more noticeable, especially with a digital scale.

So your odds of getting super lucky and pulling a super rare Reign of Fire God Pack are pretty slim and unless you are buying sealed booster boxes, you almost definitely won't be getting a God Pack from a random booster pull.  The local shop owner probably cherry picked the booster boxes before they even went on the shelf and if he didn't, you can bet the employees have.  Same thing with online sales and purchases at the local convenience or general store.  If the employees haven't picked through the packs, a customer with a digital scale may already have searched them as well.

If you want to get on board with the other cheaters and start cherry picking packs yourself, then make sure to grab a pocket digital scale that goes to .01 or .001 accuracy for precision.  You best bet is to hit local non-gaming stores, where the employees and managers are uneducated on how cherry picking rare loot works.  Try places like Target, Walmart or the grocery store because you can almost bet a gaming shop has been cherry picked by either the owner or the staff.

You best bet and best defense against cherry picking of God Packs and loot containing packs is to only buy sealed booster boxes of reign of fire.

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So now you know how cheaters can cherry pick booster packs before you even purchase them and you also learned that you can protect yourself against these cherry picking cheaters by buying unopened boxes of Reign of Fire booster packs.

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  1. Couldn't someone weigh the full, sealed boxes and pull out the heaviest ones? What would that net them?

    1. I've wondered the same thing, but I've never seen any reports of cherry picking entire boxes. The accuracy of the weighing technique might not be as accurate for full boxes and you also have the increased cost of buying multiple boxes.

  2. Then again couldn't someone at the distribution center weigh them and cherry pick them for themselves? I just don't like the chances at all for anyone pulling a God Pack. The TCG itself is practically ruined for the player who does both the online game and the card game because of cherry pickers in all walks. I happened to walk by the local walmart's card section and there was a rather sleazy looking guy with a pocket scale who was weighing everything. I got a manager and explained what the douche nozzle was doing so the police were called in and they treated it like an asset protection event. Confiscated his scale and now sell the cards with the cigarettes (People have to request to purchase the cards at that register only). Now that is how you handle these jerks.

    1. I'm assuming weighing them at the distribution center is grounds for termination and there is extra security on these products with god packs and foil / loot. . As far as picking out boxes, I believe the accuracy is compromised when trying to pull full boxes.

      LOL at busting the guy at Walmart. See I told you this crap happens all the time and that you really stand no chance without buying a sealed box, preferable a sealed case! (10 boxes)


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