Sunday, January 20, 2013

TSM Tutorial Video: How to Create TSM Auction Groups From Crafting Module

TSM Video Tutorials:

How to Create TSM Auction Groups 
Using The Crafting Module

TSM Tutorial Video On How To Make Auction Groups For Crafters

I was reading questions from redditors over on Reddit the other day and I noticed a discussion where some readers where asking:
"How to add something into a TSM group that I don't currently have in my bag?"
That's a great question and a hard one to explain in just words, so I agreed to create a walk through for the process of creating TSM auction groups.  This TSM tutorial was designed to show that you can use your recipe crafting list as the source for creating your TSM auction groups.  Some auction house markets it is easier or makes more sense to create your auction groups in TSM by using the items in your bag.  For the crafting professions, it is easier to create those TSM auction groups by using the TSM Crafting Module that is already integrated into Trade Skill Master.

So I created my very first video and uploaded it to YouTube.  You can use the player above or follow this link:  TSM Tutorial - Create TSM Auction Groups For Crafters.

This TSM Tutorial Video Shows:

  • How To Create Categories
  • How To Create Auction Groups In TSM
  • How To Create Auction Groups From The Recipe Module
  • How To Create Auction Groups Without Needing The Items In Your Bag
  • Duration, Threshold, Fallback, Max Price, and More Group Settings
  • How To Rename Your TSM Auction Groups

Shout out to Nev over at Auction House Addict, who originally taught these TSM tips to me when I too thought you had to create or own everything you wanted to add to an auction group.  Thanks Nev! 

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