Monday, January 14, 2013

Stolen Insignias - A BoA Reputation Source in 5.2

Stolen Insignias Being Added In WoW Patch 5.2

Everyone is sick of running dailies and there have been many vocal complaints and outcries regarding the current requirement of grinding daily quests.  In addition to the workorders coming to the Sunsong Ranch farm changes in 5.2, Stolen Insignias are also being added as another source for quicker reputation increases. 

The 4 Stolen Insignias being added in Patch 5.2 are:
  1. Stolen Celestial Insignia - Grants 1000 reputation with the August Celestials.
  2. Stolen Golden Lotus Insignia - Grants 1000 reputation with the Golden Lotus.
  3. Stolen Klaxxi Insignia - Grants 1000 reputation with the Klaxxi.
  4. Stolen Shado Pan Insignia - Grants 1000 reputation with the Shado-Pan.
On the PTR, these Stolen Insignias are dropping from the new rare spawns.  These Stolen Insignias are Bind-to-Account, which means you can't sell them on the auction house, but you can send them to an alt that can use them.  It's always nice to have extra ways to level up your reputation so that you can get the rewards you desire, without having to grind the reputation dailies as much.  Be sure to save up any Stolen Insignias that you get to use after you've unlocked that faction's Grand Commendation.  Then you will get 2000 reputation from these single use Stolen Insignias, instead of the base 1000 reputation.

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