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Getting Around With The Shado-Pan

 Getting Around With The Shado-Pan
The Shado-Pan Daily Quests are only unlocked once you have already reached Revered with the Golden Lotus, which also requires grinding out daily quests.  By the time you finally get to start running the daily quests for the Shado-Pan, you will probably be sick of doing dailies and will just want to get them done and over with.  Careful though!  If you are a completionist or an achievement whore, then you definately want to pay attention to which of the companions that you take with you while completing the daily quests.  More on that later in this post.
The Getting Around With The Shado-Pan Achievement requires you to complete 15 daily quests with each of the Shado-Pan Heroes.  (You just need to have them when you turn in the quests.)  Since you can only choose one per day, you need to keep an eye on which ones you have or haven't yet used, instead of always taking your favorite Shado-Pan hero along on your dailies.  Here is a list of the 9 Shado-Pan heroes, their roles, and when they are unlocked.
  • Blackguard Battlemaster - Chao the Voice - Arms Warrior - Friendly
  • Blackguard Brewmaster - Lao-Chin the Iron Belly - Brewmaster Monk - Revered
  • Blackguard Stalwart - Protector Yi - Protection Warrior - Honored
  • Omnia Mage - Fei Li - Fire Mage - Friendly
  • Omnia Mage (Frost) - Snow Blossom - Frost Mage - Honored
  • Omnia Priest - Yalia Sagewhisper - Discipline Priest - Revered
  • Wu Kao Assassin - Taoshi - Subtlety Rogue - Friendly
  • Wu Kao Hawkmaster - Hawkmaster Nurong - Hunter - Honored
  • Wu Kao Rogue - Tenwu of the Red Smoke - Rogue - Revered
Getting Around With The Shado-Pan Progress Macro
There is also no default way to track your progress with the Getting Around With The Shado-Pan Acheivement.  Don't worry!  Here is an awesome macro that you can copy / paste and create an in-game macro to check your progress with the Shado-Pan Achievement. 
/run local a=7298 print(format("\124cffFFFF00TODO for %s\124r",GetAchievementLink(a)))for i=1,GetAchievementNumCriteria(a)do local d,_,c,x,y=GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(a,i)if not c then print(format("%s %d/%d",d,x,y))end end
Once you create this macro, simply pressing the macro button will list all of the Shado-Pan heroes that you are still progressing for the achievement.  Once you complete 15 Shadow-Pan quest turn ins with a specific hero, that Shado-Pan hero will no longer display when you press this macro.  So create the macro and save yourself the trouble of figuring out which heroes you still need for the achievement.
MoP Shado-Pan Achievement Macro
Getting Around With The Shado-Pan Progress Macro
 Shado-Pan Hero Farming Partners
 Once you turn in the final Shado-Pan daily quest, your Shado-Pan hero will disappear.  You can keep your Shado-Pan hero with you as long as you stay within the Townlong Steppes zone.  So you can grab yourself a hero to follow you around the zone for speeding up multiple tasks. 
Having a hero following you can help you to not only complete the Shado-Pan daily quest faster, but you can also use them while farming mobs within the Townlong Steppes, which will increase your killing speed.  You can even take a hero along with you while farming Ore and Herb nodes.  You land and head for the node, while the hero grabs aggro and defends you from attackers.  If you can break combat (disengage, vanish, feign death, etc.) then you can mount up, fly away, and the hero will rejoin you.  So think outside the box and you can get your heroes helping you with more than the expected Shado-Pan daily quests.  Hell, if the random August Celestials quests for the day are the ones in Townlong Steppes, you can even grab a Shado-Pan hero to help you on those August Celestial quests too.
 Does anyone have any other outside the box uses for their Shado-Pan heroes?
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