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Author Spotlight: Amanda Lei Murphy of Clover Quips

Author Spotlight On Amanda Lei Murphy

Amanda Lei Murphy
Amanda Lei Murphy
If you know me very well, then you should know that I like to support the works of my friends and fellow peers that I respect. Amanda Lei Murphy is a fellow gaming blogging that I follow on Twitter (@Amanda_Lei) as well as a read her blog. She has some interesting articles up on her site Clover Quips and has just started submitting her own Short Stories for purchase on Amazon.

You may be interested in some of the following articles from her site:
Here's a little bit of information about her, submitted by Amanda herself:

"I have a multitude of diverse technological and communication skills and responsibilities ranging from front-end and CMS web development, business and consumer writing, company communication and coordination, social media and brand management, and small to large scale event planning.

Having an incredible passion for the written word, I completed an Honors Degree in Communications and Digital Culture which lead into an IT and technology-focused specialization, including computer science, digital design, and programming emphasis.

Currently, I am involved in a software development company's Marketing initiatives, and am the project manager for the company’s internal employee collaboration Intranet portal. I am also the primary stakeholder for customer evidence, frequently liaising with Sales, Microsoft, and clients to put together compelling stories that showcase my company's technological strength. I have been involved in many large-scale event planning projects, including organizing, planning, and hosting events during National Retail Federation (NRF) and Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in the company offices. In addition, I have organized and overseen several cross-country and multi-national events.

Being an avid writer and self-proclaimed Geek, I have written for a variety of publications and organizations, namely my University newspaper, The Brock Press, as a weekly article contributor to the Humor, Game, and Careers sections. Previously working in the video game industry as technical support for Linux and Mac, I am actively involved in the Toronto Video Game community. My name is featured on several small games and applications, with the most noteworthy being the Mac version of Dragon Age 2. I have written for several Video Game websites as a journalist and game reviewer, and run a mid-sized blog which houses dozens of my own fiction and short stories."

Check Out Amanda's Works On Amazon

So now Amanda has turned to writing short stories and those can be found on Amazon  for dirt cheap. Here is a compiled list of the current short stories available for purchase from Amazon for Kindle and iOS devices.  I recommend you check them out as you works are always top notch.
  1. The Shadow and Other Ghost Stories - Includes The Shadow, The Raven, The Closet, & Horror Haunted.
  2. Iris and Other Short Romance Stories (Paranormal Romance) - Includes the short stories: Iris, Green Door, Difference, & Sleeping.
  3. The Raven
  4. The Shadow
  5. The Closet
  6. Horror Haunted
So next time you are looking for something to read on your Kindle or iOS device, then check out these short stories by Amanda Lei Murphy.  They'll only set you back $0.99 or $1.99 for the compilations.

You can also follow her on the following social sites:

Facebook Group:

And if you only watch one thing today, it should be my favorite work of hers.  This video log detailing her opening of the gifts from a couple of fellows on Twitter during a gift exchange from a couple of years ago.  It's hillarious.

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  1. I am highly impressed by her's achievements. Amanda Lei Murphy is so talented, she's a software developer, company's stake holder, writer, and so much!

    It's been really nice knowing you, Amanda.
    Thanks for sharing information about yourself.

    Prasant Saxena
    Software Development Company


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