Saturday, June 9, 2012

WoW TCG Loot Code Pet Giveaway!


Win A FREE WoW Pet From

The TCG Loot Code Giveaway!

Gregarious Grell Loot Code Pet

Just the other day, I noticed that someone had purchased a couple of WoW TCG loot code cards from one of my Amazon links on one of my Squidoo pages.  What caught me by suprise was just how cheap these loot card codes from the new WoW TCG expansion were on sale for.  Apparently, you can buy some of the WoW TCG Loot card codes for WoW companion pets for cheaper than the sale price of the vanity pets from the actual Blizzard online store!  The Blizzard stores pets cost $10 each, but Amazon has a lot of the TCG pet codes for well under that price!  Many for under $4 for your pet code!

Win A Gregarious Grell From The New Podcast

So, I decided to snatch up a few of these cool pet loot codes to use as Giveaways here at Cold's Gold Factory, on Auction House Junkies, and on the new podcast, The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  Be sure to listen to Episode #7 of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast (on iTunes & Stitcher Radio) to find out how to Win a Gregarious Grell Loot Code Companion Pet.  Episode #7 will be out this weekend, but be sure to check out the older episodes for some great content and laughs.  It's a pretty easy contest entry, just listen to the podcasts and leave us an iTunes review for a chance at winning!

Win Bloat The Bubblefish or a Celestial Steed From Cold's Gold Factory

Bloat the Bubblefish is a pretty cool companion pet that comes from the WoW TCG.  I have bought a few of Bloat the Bubblefish, Gregarious Grells, and a Nightsaber Cub pet to give away.  I also still have more Pandarian Monk pets and Celestial Steeds to give away.  I'll start the TCG Loot Code giveaways with a chance to win a Bloat the Bubblefish loot code or a Celestial Steed mount code.

How To Enter To Win Bloat The Bubblefish or a Celestial Steed Mount

Similar to past contests, this one will be a social media sharing and newsletter joining contest.  Here are the various ways to earn an entry for your chance at winning.  The contest entries will end on July 3rd (midnight Central time) and winners will be announced on July 4th. 

The Celestial Steed code was bought from the US store, so it can only be redeemed by a US WoW Account.  The Bloat the Bubblefish loot code can be redeemed by any US or EU account, as long as the correct region is selected when redeeming the loot card code for the appropriate in game code.

Each Action Earns One Entry:
  1. Join The Cold's Gold Factory Gold Tips Newsletter (You can join from the pop-up or from the sidebar sign-up form.)  Already get the newsletter?  Congrats, you've got 1 entry already!
  2. Tweet this Post. (add me into the tweet @SSmith0911 - so I can see the Tweet)
  3. Google +1 this Post.
  4. Facebook Like and Share this Post.
So Joining the newsletter earns you an entry, but you can earn additional entries by sharing this giveaway post on the various social media sites.

Good luck to all that enter and participate.  If you want to win, be sure to share on multiple platforms to further increase your chances of winning. 

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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  1. It's just for me or the +1 button doesn't work?

    1. If the top button isn't working (it's buggy on some browsers) you can always use the Google Plus button from the Add This Button pulldown (the big + sign at the end of the sharing tools).

      You can find any social media sharing options in that pulldown.

  2. How do you not get ripped off buying these from Amazon? I think Amazon does not allow virtual sales.. are they sending you the unscratched card.. and what if they send you an already scratched one?

    1. Amazon doesn't deal in "loot codes".

      They only sell unused, unscratched, physical loot cards that get mailed to you (shipping is super cheap). You then scratch the card yourself, use the code on the TCG site, then redeem that in game code for you pet or mount.

      My orders have arrived and are all legit, unscratched cards.

  3. This must be the best blog ever :D
    Love reading it etc, hope you're enyojing it.
    Best regards, Zollo - Lightning's Blade


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