Friday, March 23, 2012

Recap: Top Blog Posts From February

February Popular Posts At Cold's Gold Factory

Each month, I like to do a quick wrap-up of the top posts from the previous month.  This helps bring attention to some of the most discussed or the most visited blog posts here at Cold's Gold Factory and it is especially helpful for new or returning readers to find great posts that they may have missed.

By a longshot, the most popular posts from the month of February were the posts dealing with the Love Is In The Air holiday event and farming the needed Lovely Charms. 

Best Place To Farm Lovely Charms 2012 - This holiday specific blog post was designed to bring attention to my favorite Lovely Charm farming location and killing Slags.  While Throne of Tides may be prefer by some, I prefer the Slags myself.

Making Gold With Lovely Charm Farming - The debate stirring post.  Which is more time efficient: Farming all the Charms to make Bracelets or using the daily holiday event quests to gather your Love tokens?

Goblinism From The Early Years And Beyond - This was a fun post to write and showed just a handful of the ways I've learned to hustle over the earlier years of my life.

Using Inflation In WoW To Make More Gold - Here I discuss the strategy of using inflation to your advantage by buying materials now for the selling crafted products after the prices inflate.

Guild Challenges & Reflections On The Random Invite Guild - The all random invite guild hit the level 25 guild level cap and this was my summary post on just how much gold I made passively.  I also discuss how I could have promoted more guild challenges to earn extra gold each week.

Auction House Junkies February Recap

During February we released 2 new episodes of The Auction House Junkies podcast.  I also created and displayed The Auction House Junkies Cast Member Photo so you can see what the three of us look like, well sort of - LOL.  I also debuted the Auction House Junkies Swag Shop on Zazzle and the Auction House Junkies Official Squidoo Page, where you can vote on your favorite cast member, leave show topic ideas, and answer polls and questions.  Be sure to stop by and check them out.

AHJ - Episode #24: Cold Plays Mono-Blue - The guys pushed the time up and called me just as I started a MTGO tournament where I had drafted an all Blue Deck for sealed.

AHJ - Episode #25: French Dip - The infamous French Dip sandwich show.

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  1. I really like the random invite guild idea I have a guild bank on one of my characters and it is annoying to be stuck with a level 1 guild with no perks it feels like levelling in Hard Mode. I don't know why Blizzard has forced us into guilds erspecially without fixing the fail that is a lot of the low population realms.


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