Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holiday Chants

Lord Ahune drops 1 of 5 cloaks each kill and the bag has a chance to give you the new vanity pet and/or the 2h staff in addition to the 2 Extra Frost Emblems. Yes I said "and"...My shadow priest got both the new pet and the staff out of her first bag ever and shes lvl 78. I know she will be sexy as hell with the Frostscythe in shadow form. What does all this mean for us on the AH?

You better put up some cloak enchant scrolls and keep em stocked all week. Many many many people will be gearing alts with the easy iLvl232 cloaks. And with the ability to run the holiday boss over and over until you get your cloak, you bet that a lot of new purple cloaks out there on alts are gonna need enchants. But which ones?

These are what I would stock (or stock extras):

Cloak Enchants:
Shadow Armor
+22 Agi
+23 Haste

And +81 SP to Staff for those lucky enought to get the Staff.

Also keep an eye out...the first crystal guardian/summoner guy drops new BOE blues. Don't be dumb and d/e em without checking.


  1. Also...Since there is a vanity pet available, the sales of other pets will also increase during the holiday as getting a new pet triggers some people to look for more to start or complete achievements.

  2. Nice tip, you are extremely lucky to pull out the pet and staff on your first attempt.

    I just entered some enchanting markets for the first time, I will check out the cloak enchants and see how the demand is on my realm.

  3. Some people have the best luck. I have 4 80's and have ran it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day to get the cloak I want (8 times last night on my holy pally for one of the caster cloaks), and out of all those attempts and all the people in those groups (easily over 30 runs) I've never seen the scythe or the minipet drop.

  4. Can the WOW accounts be auctioned? Both for buying and selling of accounts. It would be an awesome idea. Are there any providers for this?


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