Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bags Bags Bags

Finally finished the rep grind to grab all of the 32 slot craftings bags on my tailor and my leatherworker.  Bought out all the borean and heavy borean leathers that were reasonably priced.  Posted 8 bags from the leatherworker (mining and leather bags)  and all 8 sold over night.  With tons of people levelling alts and tradeskills, this is a goldmine.  Got this tip from reading Markco's blog last month, but never took the time to level the required reps on the alts.  Now I must say it was super easy to get the rep up to were it needed to be.  If you haven't got these patterns yet, get on it.  Goldmine here.  Will be working on gather mats and posting the enchanter and Herbalist bags to add those to my sales.

PS:  Shakes & Fidget guild is going strong!

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