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Hearthstone Tips: Mistakes - Improper Weapon Use

Hearthstone Tips - Top Common Mistakes

Improper Use Of Weapons

This is another post in the Hearthstone Tips series on Common Mistakes I See From Hearthstone Players.  Be sure to check out the first article, where I cover Top 1st Turn Player Mistakes in Hearthstone.  

Improper Use Of Weapons

Weapons play an important role for some of the classes in Hearthstone.  Both the Rogue and Druid have weapon based hero powers and the Paladin, Warrior, Rogue, and Shaman all have weapon cards that can added to their Hearthstone Class Decks.

All too often I see a common mistake made with weapons as players waste them on attacks against the opponent instead of using the weapons properly.  I've even seen players use their coin on their first turn just so they could play a weapon a turn early, yet all they do is attack their opponent (or take it "to the face" as I call it) and waste their weapon.

In order to learn and understand how to properly use your weapon, you should remember these 3 key points:

  1. Weapons are mainly for killing minions.
  2. Don't waste your weapon on an opponent unless you are killing them soon.
  3. Hold your weapon until the turn you will use it.

Weapons Are For Killing Minions

Sure, a weapon in Hearthstone can be used on either a minion or on a player, but they are far better used as minion killers, until you get the opponent close to death.  Weapons should mainly be used as another form of creature removal.  The downside when attacking a minion with a weapon is that you will take the minion's attack power as damage when you hit the minion.  Maybe this is why some newer players don't use the weapons properly on minions and just use them against the opponent.  Even though you take the minion's attack value as damage, taking that damage one time while killing the minion is much better than allowing the minion to survive, thus allowing it to continue to be a threat on the board turn after turn.  So kill the minion, take the damage once, and remove that threat from the game.  Don't ignore the minion, waste the weapon attack on an opponent, and then let that same minion attack you multiple times!  Kill the minions with your weapons.

When To Use A Weapon On An Opponent

Weapons in Hearthstone should primarily be used to remove threats from the game, but they also can be used to damage the opponent.  You shouldn't be attacking the opponent with your weapon unless you are going to be killing them on that turn or you have enough damage to kill them the following turn.  Wasting a weapon on an opponent early is a poor move because you are better off removing a threat and often times the early weapon damage you did will be healed up before the game ends anyways.  There are certain special circumstances that are also acceptable for attack an opponent earlier than the killing blow, like attacking with the Truesilver Champion to get the +2 Life gain, just to survive another turn, but you should aim to only hit opponents with weapons when they are within reach of you killing them soon.

Hold Your Weapon Until You Are Going To Use It

There are two main reasons to not actually play your weapon until you are going to swing it.  Those two reasons are: Protection and Suprise.  Playing your weapon too early leaves you more open to having your weapon destroyed by an opponent's Acidic Swamp Ooze (Battlecry: destroy opponent's weapon) and you definitely want to get at least 1 attack out of a weapon you've played or it was a wasted play.

Don't underestimate the value of surprise either.  Playing your weapon too early gives the opponent a chance to hold in their hand the creatures that would die to the weapon.  Then as soon as your weapon is out of durability, those minions will be summoned.  Oh, you wasted the weapon attacks against the opponent and he played his threats after the weapon went poof?  He played it smart; you didn't.  No one is going to cast their 1/3 Northshire Cleric while you have that 3 attack weapon out.  Let them play it first, then cast your weapon and kill it before the opponent can protect it or buff it's health up.

In Closing

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to properly use your weapons.  Just remember that weapons in Hearthstone are mainly used for killing minions, since this removes threats that can hamper you over the course of multiple turns.  Don't attack the opponent's face with weapons until you are close to delivering the killing blow.  And make sure to hold the weapons until they will be used, so that you maintain the elements of surprise and protect your weapons from the Oozes.

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  1. Very nice article. Minion removal is the most important aspect of weapons. Although, playing as a Warrior, I find that at times, I have 3 weapons in hand, thus making it an alright decision to attack the opponent's hero.

    1. Yup. A long as you are already controlling the board and have extra weapons to use. Just don't run out of weapons and lose board control because of it.


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