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Gifts For Gamers - RageGage Dynamic Smash Pads

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Gifts For Gamers

RageGage Smash Pads
 RageGage Dynamic Smash Pads

Do You Rage Much While Gaming?
Tank pulls too early and you wish you could just choke-slam him?  Tired of getting grenade killed as soon as you spawn in?  Sick and tired of listening to your livestream host begging for donations and wish you could smash his face in?  Well, now is your chance!  Grab a RageGage Smash Pad and unleash your fury!
What Is a RageGage Dynamic Smash Pad?

RageGage is a dynamic, customizable smash pad that is designed to take as much physical abuse as you can deal out.  Use the RageGage periodically to releash your rage and avoid injuring yourself, your gear, or your equipment.  Don't smash your keyboard or throw your monitor out the window.  Just smash your RageGage instead!

RageGage Smash Pads
RageGage is designed to take the full force of your human rage explosions.  RageGage detects your rage level to make sure you are releasing pent up rage.  And if you aren't, it will make sure you do.  When smashed, RageGage plays a voice clip based on how hard you hit it. 

You can also connect your RageGage to your PC or Mac using the USB cable and extend the RageGage user experience.  From the RageGage website, you can download faux politicians, celebutards, and other fun to smash voices or you can create your own.  You can use the included software to personalize your own clips of voices to smash.  Perfect for adding audio clips of those podcasters that you can't stand!

You can also use it to play games, music samples, and other fun stuff.

Rage On!

RageGage Design Options
Just hover the individual RageGage links to see the various designs.

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