Friday, May 4, 2012

Making Gold In WoW Off LFR Loot Rolls - A Reader Submission

Making Gold In WoW With Looking For Raid

Today I present to you an interesting reader submission / guest post from a reader here at Cold's Gold Factory.  Kylor contacted me via email with a gold making tactic that he has been using.  I had thought of using this strategy, but since I hate raiding, I never got around to trying it out.  Kylor was kind enough to submit a guest post on this tactic of making gold in WoW.  Take a look and let us hear what you think of this strategy in the comments.

Hey guys,

I recently returned to the game and I wanted to share my experience on something that I've been doing to make some quick gold while capping my valor points: selling your rolls in LFR (Looking For Raid). I have found that players who need the items from LFR are very willing to pay a pretty penny for them. I usually post in trade something along the lines of "WTS Hunter rolls in LFR, pst" and get a couple responses pretty quickly.

It does seem that these players are more willing to agree to pay for each item won, rather than paying a flat amount before the raid, but both methods can definitely work. As far as pricing, i have had sucess with prices of 500g per item and 1000g for the weapons, but have gone as high as 2500g for a weapon, so experiment a little with the pricing on your server and see what works for you. If you do decide to go with the pay up front method, I have found that 1000g works well, so that may be a good starting point. You could also try a combination of both, something like 500g up front and 500g per item won.

There may be times when people in the raid are pretty unhappy with you for rolling on gear that you don't need. I usually just inform them that I gave it to someone already, and have them back me up in raid chat. I don't see this being a problem really, but I have been kicked from the group for it once. In that case I just whispered the buyer to leave and we queued up again. It really helps to have a tank guildie or friend queue with you and leave once the raid starts to speed things up.

This can be a great way to make a little gold while capping your alts on valor points, and it really adds up if you have multiple characters able to do LFR. I'm sure that this was much more profitable towards the beginning of the patch, but there is still money to be made here, at least until Blizzard changes the loot rules. If anyone else has had success selling their rolls in LFR, I'd love to hear about what prices you've been able to sell at, or any other methods you might have!

Well, there is the goblin mind set put to great use!  I'm sure this tactic is frowned upon by many of the LFR cry babies, but there isn't a thing they can do about it.  It is really no different that running LFR with your guild members so that you can give the items to your guild members to help them geared up quicker.  Blizzard has allowed this strategy, which is playing within the rules of LFR that they created, but they are changing the way loot works when Mists of Pandaria is released.  Someone may not like this strategy, but it isn't illegal and is a nice way to make extra gold doing something you were already planning on doing anyway.

Thanks Kylor!

What do you guys think about selling your loot rolls in Looking For Raid?

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  1. This is precisely why I don't use LFR.

  2. Not everything that makes gold should be considered a good idea and this is one of those that does not qualify as a good idea. This takes away from the experience of d others and turns a good effort of Blizzards into a misused and unethical way to con a few people out of gold. Lame.

  3. If this is considered a viable option to make gold in the game then quite frankly the OP is doing it wrong.

    Not only is it a dick move and totally disrespectful for your fellow players, but it also compounds the issues surrounding loot ninja and lack of dedicated tanks/healers in these game modes for everyone else.

    As usual, it's the minority of self interested dickwads who ruin it for everyone else.

  4. If Blizzard didn't want this to happen all it would take is a simple hotfix. In a way, this makes it easier to get loot you want. Like those loot runs were people would bid on gear that dropped.

  5. How do you sell loot in lfr?allways thought its impossible to trade money crossrealm?

  6. He is selling the rolls to players on his own server via trade chat prior to joining the LFR queue.


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