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Linking Policy

I encourage you to link to my content as you like, just give credit and please use the correct standards when creating links to my content.

Let's look at the first sentence of a post on another blog (Link examples are underlined):

"Cold’s post yesterday started churning my thoughts on reputation items."

What I am asking as that if you link back to my blog, please use good linking practices that help with search engine optimization to help build page ranks. The current way you have me linked is a poor job in regards to SEO and rankings.

You never want to attach a link to words like "post", "this", "here", etc.  You want the link text to show the topic of what you ae linking to.

Great post. Read it Here.

Great post. Read about The Effects of Undercutting.

See the difference? The Effects of Undercutting link tells the web bots that rank links and pages exactly what this link is about and thus builds relevance for the linked site.

Having a link to my site that is just the link word "Post" gives no relevance, gives no ranking assistance, and creates a link with no relevance either. If you aren't sure what to link, just use the Title of the Post as the linking text.

Be sure to follow the same standards when linking within your own pages as well. This will help build your ranking and the ranks of pages you link to, if done correctly.

Thanks again!