Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Affiliates

The Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Guide has been selling well, with no complaints or refunds.  I have had several buyers send me screenshots of them making great amounts of gold using my proven tactics and strategies for selling those Mysterious Fortune Cards.  I have helped you make money within World of Warcraft, now I can help you make some real life money with the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Affiliate Program. 

Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Affiliate Program

If you would like to promote the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide, then your only requirements are to have an account with both and Paypal.

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I pay a whopping 40% (Very high for e-junkie) commission.  This 40% commission is very near a 50/50 profit split, once fees are deducted from the sale.  (Those fees you never see - only I get charged.)

I will be issuing affiliate payments towards the middle of each month (to make sure the previous month's sales are official) and will issue payments via Paypal.

Below I have included a few Ads that you may use with your affiliate marketing.  Feel free to create a new Ad or re-size one to help it gel within your current site's colors and themes.  I will add more ads to this page as I create them.  If you have specific size or ad idea in mind, feel free to contact me and we can work something up.

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Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Ad Samples