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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #86 - "22lb Pussy w/ @Selltacular"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #86 - "22lb Pussy w/ @Selltacular"

This week, Selltacular and his wife Gooomba are visiting St. Louis, while Nev is also in town, so we had Selltacular join us on this episode of the Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  Nev will be joining us again on episode #87, so be sure to watch for that episode too.  On this week we get a bit ranty, a bit gay, and a bit silly, not necessarily in that order.  We also get to hear what Rez & Nonmail really think of Wildstar.  Please remember that neither of them even made it to level 14, so don't let their limited exposure taint your opinion without trying Wildstar for yourself first, if you too are sick of WoW.

EGP - Episode #86 can be found on, iTunes, or Stitcher Radio.

Episode #86 Show Notes, Discussion Topics, & Links:

Wildstar Preorder / Wildstar Beta Weekend Access


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