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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #83 - "Path of What?"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #83 - "Path of What?"

skin Miss Reynolds sliced off her arm
Ain't Nobody Chopper's Bitch!
This week we have all of our new segment producers' segments up and running as a part of the show.  So be sure to check out Nev's One Minute Gaming, Stede's Gold Nuggets, EsmeraldaSky's You Might Be A Shitty Gaming Parent, and of course UnGnome's UnNews!  Rez is finally inside the Wildstar Beta so we talk about Wildstar, Buying 90s in Warcraft, and add a new game to the discussion, Path of Exile.

We also mention the contest that is up and running on the Eviscerated Facebook Page, where you can win a TCG Pet Code, the Eye of the Legion.  I wrap up the show with the third installment of my old school disco house sets for Electronic Education and feature some big disco house as well as French house.

EGP Episode #83 can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, & at

Show Notes, Discussions, & Links:

We hope you enjoy the show.  Join us next week when we bring in a new special guest!

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