Friday, July 26, 2013

Podcast News: Nev Joins The Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

Warcraft Podcast News: 

Nev Joins The Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast As Second Host

Who Is Marcus Ty?

The Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast is a World of Warcraft Podcast dedicated to the art of WoW Gold Making.  Marcus Ty is a fellow WoW gold blogger and author of one the World of Warcraft gold guides that I highly recommend.  I've read his guide as a reviewer from front to back and it is very well written and is an excellent guide that covers everything you need to know about getting started as a gold maker in Warcraft. 

Hell, it's so good that once I read it I quickly scrapped any notion of writing my own full length guide for WoW Gold Making because he covered everything pretty much the same way I would have done it myself, which is another reason I highly recommend it.  He thinks similar to the way I do, so instead of writing my own, I just support his excellent guide.  You can check out the Journal of Marcus Ty Gold Guide here.  If you listen to the podcasts you will hear about some of the strategies included in the guide and it's a good idea to listen to the show, if you are undecisive about whether you would benefit from his guide.

Nev Joins The Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

My good friend Nev, of the blogs Auction House Addict and She Rides Dragons, has now officially joined The Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast as a permanent co-host.  Nev has appeared on Marcus Ty's podcast a couple of times before, but now is a solid second host.  So if you haven't checked out the podcast, I highly recommend it.  If you are a newer or fresh learning WoW gold maker, then it will be very helpful as the show is geared towards those players learning to make gold in World of Warcraft. 

I've appeared on the podcast with Marcus as a guest host before as well.  If you want to check out the episode that I was on, then have a listen to episode #5.  It's a good episode.  :)  Other prominent gold makers have been featured on other earlier episodes too.

You can find the Journal of Marcus Ty podcast on both iTunes and Stitcher Radio.


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