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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #36 - "Chocolate Rib Night w/ Sayo"

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #36
"Chocolate Rib Night w/ Sayo"

ribs dipped in chocolate
Chocolate Ribs? WTF?!?

This week we welcome in special guest, Sayomara, from Grand Old Podcast and The History of Warcraft Podcasting Series.  Sayo is a friend of the show and join us for this episode as we debut his new segment for The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  Be sure to listen and check out Sayo's new segment: The Warcraft Pet Cemetery.

"Chocolate Rib Night With Sayomara"

Show Notes, Discussion Topics, & Links:

  1. Nekkid Intruder
  2. Halloween Killer - Rob Zombie's Halloween inspires killer.
  3. Trading Ancient Artifacts For Guns
  4. Warcraft Pet Cemetery Segment Home - Access Sayo's Pet Cemetery segments here.
  5. Patch 5.2 - 10 & 25 Man Raid Loot Changes
  6. ZeroHour's Nameless Blog Post - First up in The Hate Machine: PW:Gold.  Zero says the same stuff I've been preaching for months in this critical post.
  7. Cold's Interview On The History Of Warcraft Podcasting - This was a great show and a hell of a good time, where we talk about all sorts of stuff from gold making, podcasting & blogging, twinking, pet battles, DJing, to the old days in Vanilla WoW.  Make sure to check it out, if you haven't already.
  8. TSM Video Tutorial - Setting Up Auction Groups From Recipe Lists
  9. Nonmailz Nutz
  10. Electronic Education - This week I feature some great vocal house tracks that I've been lovin' lately.

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