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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #33 - "The Nut Ninja" w Wes Guest Hosting

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode #33
"The Nut Ninja" w/ Special Guest Wes

Nut Ninjas Warcraft Podcast
Nut Ninjas In Action!

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This week we have an extra special guest, one of my old co-hosts from Auction House Junkies, Wes!  This episode is as crazy as you would expect with Wes being on the show.  We talk about all kinds of topics ranging from World of Warcraft, Patch 5.2 PTR notes, crazy Amazon sales, 3D printing your own weapons, crazy Christmas capers, and more in this longer than normal episode.  We share a lot of laughs with Wes, as you would have expected.  Enjoy!

Show Notes, Discussion Topics, And Links
  1. Slip and Fall Robbery - Massive injuries from tripping on the curb.
  2. Food Stamps Can't Buy iPads? - Another Christmas caper.
  3. Top 10 Odd & Crazy Items I Sold As Amazon Affiliate In 2012 - You've heard about the Mountain Men's 10 Kitten T-Shirt, but what other crazy sales wrap out the oddest of the year?
  4. Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide - Zombie survival kit or serial killer starter set?  You decide!
  5. Don't Be Afraid To Reset Living Steel - Wes's Pro-Tip
  6. Patch 5.2 PTR Patch Notes
  7. Patch 5.2 Farm Changes Incoming - A lot of quality of live improvements and one pointless upgrade.
  8. How To Grow Gems On Your Sunsong Ranch
  9. MoP Rep Guide For Crafter | Which Reps To Unlock Recipes? - Easy reference to plan out which reputations grinds each of your crafters will need to do to get the reputation gated recipes.
  10. Intro to WoW Pet Battles - Goldgrub's guest post by @gamingsavant (on twitter)
  11. Electronic Education - Featuring a live set by me, Cold, designed to cheer you up and get you groovin'!
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