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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode #26 - "Off Week"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #26  - "Off Week"

Pretty Lights Glitch Hop Mix
Pretty Lights Live

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast - Episode #26 - "Off Week"

Due to some last minute emergencies, we we're unable to record a full episode this week on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, but we didn't want to leave you hanging.  So this week, I've rolled out another extended non-stop mix of dance music as the majority of the episode.  It's a special request episode, as Mike from Auction House Junkies has requested a feature on EDM producer and DJ, Pretty Lights.

So I present to you a special Electronic Education full 50+ minute mix of Glitch Hop, Dub, and Funky Soulful Hip Hop Beats.  Hell, there's even some ragtime music in there!  This mix is an excellent choice for background music as you are leveling your World of Warcraft characters or you are running the perpetual grind of daily quests.  I dare you to sit still, while bumpin' this set of all Pretty Lights tracks.  Trust me; this set will make you enjoy running your dailies again and again.

I originally was just going to release this only on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, but the feedback has been so great that I went ahead and put it up on my Soundcloud page so you guys can download the mix or listen anytime, anywhere.

Check out the full Episode #26 "Off Week" over at

If you enjoy the mix, please stop by and comment.  Also, be sure to hit the download button and get your own copy.

I hope you enjoy this funky ass groove!

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast cast would like to thank you for listening to our show.  You can find this episode on iTunesStitcher Radio, and from the main site feed at  We enjoy putting the shows and segments together, but the show is really for you guys, our listeners and supporters.  Thank you for listening!


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