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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #23 - "Zumba Scouts"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode #23

"Zumba Scouts"

We present another episode of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast for your educational enjoyment.  We are back with more World of Warcraft Podcast goodness as the show format is now official World of Warcraft centric!  Although we've changed to a predominantly World of Warcraft focused podcast, we still bring you some of the craziest and most shocking stories we've heard during the week as we get warmed up for the WoW discussions!
Episode #23 - "Zumba Scouts"

Episode #23 Show Notes, Discussion Topics, & Links

  1. WoW Mists of Pandaria - Patch 5.1 (with 10-18 updated info) 
  2. Nev's Alchemy Post:  Zen Master Alchemy Leveling - My Way & The Right Way - Definately check out the better way to level MoP Alchemy while getting all the Alchemy Recipe Discoveries as you go.
  3. Nev's MoP Faction Guide For Gold Makers - WoW Level 90 - Now What? - Find out which Faction Daily Quests you should be unlocking first, based on what Professions you have on your WoW characters.
  4. Hallow's End Is Here - Time for more Trick or Treating, Headless Horseman Farming, Fire Dousing Goodness.
  5. Farming Chests In Scarlet Monastery During HHM Runs - Super easy chest spawns (up to 5 total in SM Graveyard) means quick and easy chances at twink gear, rare recipes, and crafting materials.
  6. Zumba Fitness Promo Members
  7. Boyscouts of America Molestation Cover-Ups - Canteen Boy?  It's cold out, come join me in my sleeping bag.
  8. Cockroach Eater Wins Python, Dies After Contest - Was it really worth dying just to win a pet snake?  I almost vomit while discussing this story on the show!
  9. Eviscerated Mobile Gaming Minute by Barbwire
  10. Nonmail's Nutz by Nonmail
  11. Electronic Education (@electronicEDM) by Cold.  This week I'm featuring some low slung groovy deep Nu-Disco sounds as I feature a sample from Kris Santiago's "Sexy Buegel Bretter Mix 18".  Be sure to check it our for his entire 90 minute Nu-Disco & Tropical Paradise set.

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