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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #24 - "Crazy Bacon"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #24 - "Crazy Bacon"

drug obsessed anal probings

And we're back...with another episode of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast - The WoW podcast with a bit of craziness mixed in.  The new predominantly WoW focused format has been a change for the better and this episode Rez and I are off and running with the crazy stories to get this episode started off right before delving deep into the World of Warcraft news, stories, ideas, gold tips, and recommendations.  This show was a riot to record and turned out to be quite hillarious thanks to the insanity we covered in the whacky news bits, the special segments, and the killer Electronic Education segment that closes out the show.  Shout out and thank you to @stuffoverheard for the crazy story he submitted as well.

Episode #24 - "Crazy Bacon" Show Notes & Links

  1. How To Cook And Eat Women - Crazed canibalistic fantasy or just a screenplay manuscript?
  2. Long Arm Of The Law - Be careful when these cops pull you over!
  3. That Ain't Madagascar - Mommy, that doesn't look like Alex, Marty, or Melman?
  4. Leveling Enchanting On The Cheap
  5. Greenstone Quarry & Ghost Iron Farming - My favorite place to farm for Ghost Iron Ore.
  6. November Blogging Carnival Topic - Cross Realm Auction Houses?  Excited about this topic and entries have already started going live.  Can't wait to read all the opinions on the possibility of cross realm auctions.
  7. Crafting Equivalents For Spirit Of Harmony - Don't underprice your crafted goods or waste SoH on low priced craftables!
  8. Ghost Iron Dragonling & Tinker's Gear Cogwheels - Every leveling character should have one of these awesome trinkets.
  9. Tillers Quest Shopping List For Profiting - Major list of all the stuffs required for the daily Tillers Union quest turn ins.  Easy money.
  10. Meat Farming In MoP - Nev's posts on Where to Farm The Cooking Meats for MoP quests, dailies and leveling Cooking professions.
  11. Patch 5.0.5 Hot Fixes
  12. Nonmailz Nutz - Nonmail teaches about the backmasking technique.
  13. Electronic Education - Cold's segment brings out some Electro-House mood music for the season.  Can you find the hidden gems in this weeks intro? Mwahahahahaha!
We hope you enjoy this episode, but you've been warned its very NSFW!  See ya next week, when we hope to have our first special guest joining us for the Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  That is, if he makes it through our intro stories without dropping out on us.

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