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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode #12 | Epic Gamer Storytelling Episode

The Pacu Fish - Found In an Illinois Lake

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast

with R9z, Cold and Nic

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast has been a ton of fun to record and produce for all of our listeners.  The show continues to be popular on both iTunes and Stitcher Radio and can also be streamed straight from the website at  Have you check out our new show?  What are you waiting for?

Here is a link to the newest show notes: tEGP Episode #13 titled "Warcraft Rage".

As I've mentioned before, when The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast original episode came out, we talk about not just World of Warcraft, but also Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, and many other games.  We have Diablo 3 and WoW news and discussions in every episode and we also present a lot of general gaming news, information on recent sales (like the Steam Sale), new product launches, and even include some oddball news about zombie attacks, bath salts, selling your soul on eBay, and gamers who go crazy.  Hell, in this episode we even discuss the craziness that is the Pacu fish, a testicle eating fish that has been found in US lakes!  (See the top image of this post)

So don't be afraid to come check out The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, as we are a general gaming podcast with tons of discussion, storytelling, and fun for everyone!

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast iTunes Link: The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast

The Electronic Education Sessions

At the end of each episode, I also have my Electronic Education sessions.  These closing music segments are designed to help increase exposure of my favorite types of music, Electronic Dance Music (EDM).  This has been absolutely amazing for me to be able to not only be able to share the music that I  am so passionate about, but to also convert new fans to the EDM genre.  Creating the Electronic Education sessions has been awesome.  So far we've heard about Dubstep, Trance, House, Electro, Metalectro, Lovestep/Emostep, Sub-Bass, and many other styles of EDM.  If you like the segment, be sure to follow me on twitter at @ElectronicEDM.  I link up mixes and tracks, my Pandora stations, and retweet news and pics from DJs on twitter.  Come groove with me.

For Episode #10 of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast we released an entire episode of all of the Electronic Education sessions back to back.  So if you want to get caught up on all the episodes of Electronic Education, then be sure to check out:

Episode #10 of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast - "Electronic Education Recap"
on iTunes

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode #12 "Warcraft Rage"

This episode was a lot of fun to record and it shows in the final product.  There wasn't a lot of news to cover or discuss this week, so we discussed a lot from our backgrounds as gamers.  We cover all sorts of online and console games and I tended to get a little excited with my story telling.  LOL, but it makes for a great listen.  Check out this episode, regardless of whatever game you prefer to play, because we hit on damn near everything!  Nic's wife also submits a pretty sweet Eviscerated Mobile Gaming Minute segment where she recommends some smartphone games each week, which is Scummy's favorite part of the show!

In Episode #12 we discuss:
  • World of Warcraft
  • Diablo 3
  • Gold Tips
  • Pet Battles
  • Testicle Eating Fish
  • The Steam Sale
  • Another Warcraft Stabbing
  • More Zombie Origin Debates
  • How I Killed An Entire City
  • Gaming Horror Stories
  • Our Very First Games
  • What Do We Want From Titan?
  • Crazy Stories In Gaming
  • Tons More

This episode we also issue out the listener question:

"What Would Be Your Coolest Idea For An MMO? What would you want Titan to be, if it could be anything?  What genre, play style, character build, or anything would be your most awesomest creation if it could be anything?  Let us know!

Email the show:

Thanks for listening and I hope you come check out the show!

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